All In The Family

Recently, I was on an errand and the woman at the checkout counter asked me about the heritage of my last name. “Well, that’s kind of a funny question” I responded. Then, I told her the story of my family name.

David Paige is my legal, given name. Paige was the legal name given to my father, but it was not always our family name.

Originally, my dad’s father’s last name was Blatt. Much less flattering…I know.

Well, my grandmother and grandfather were professional singers. In fact, in the summer of 1950, they had four songs mentioned in Billboard Magazine – including two songs in the Popular chart and two in the International chart. They were professionally known as David and Dorothy Paige and had an album by the name “Paiges of Romance.” Their stage names were much nicer sounding than Blatt, so they eventually decided to legally change their last name to Paige.

You can hear them singing here

1. I’m In The Mood For Love

Let me know what you think of their rendition of this famous tune in the comments below!


Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 12.23.06 AM

Edit: I should also add that when I was growing up and starting to discover my passion for music, my grandmother would constantly warn me against going into the music business. She knew how difficult the business was, and she wanted to protect me. I always knew that music was the only route for me, so I continued anyway. She was right to warn me, but even through all the difficulties, I’d never change a thing. I get fulfillment out of what I get to do every day, not out of the numbers in my bank account, or the accomplishments on my wall. I’m pretty sure that’s what life is really about.

Love your life and live the life you love!