Album Review: Push and Pull by DayRollers

On Tuesday, March 1st, 2016, Dayrollers dropped their debut album, Push and Pull, and I’ve been rocking out to it in my car ever since!

DayRollers are a Pop/Rock band from Southeastern Wisconsin. They recently had a surge of popularity in the wake of their success in the 95 WIIL Rock Battle of the Bands – Bandemonium.

As Seen From Left to Right In the Picture Below:
Ken Wright (Bass/Vocals)
Ross Rochelle (Lead Guitar/Vocals)
David DeMeuse (Drums/Vocals)
Seb Phillips (Vocals/Guitar)


Standout Tracks:
6. The Bad Guy
3. Stand Up
7. Rip It Off
9. Spaces of Haze

The vocal arrangements are excellent throughout Push and Pull! The Harmonies between Phillips, Wright, and Rochelle are so tight on every song! All four members have songs where they are singing lead, yet their album retains their cohesive sound throughout. This kind of vocal collaboration reminds me of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison…and even occasionally Ringo.

Rochelle told me that “the album title Push and Pull is pulled from the song “The Bad Guy…It has a lot to do with the marriage of personalities within the band. We are all very different. With very different wants and needs…and that means compromise sometimes. Push and Pull seemed a fitting title for many reasons: the music of the album is all over the place; I feel like it pushes and pulls the listener in all kinds of different directions.”

That push and pull of personalities is definitely apparent throughout the record. DayRollers bring an edge to their pop and a beauty to their rock that will satisfy fans of both genres. Phillips, Wright, Rochelle, and DeMeuse have very different styles that they bring to this album, and they’re playing this tug of war over the line between Pop and Rock. There are songs like The Bad Guy that pull us in with the harmonies and pop appeal. Then Rip It Off pushes us into the pit of a rock show! For people who LOVE both types of shows, it’s refreshing to feel that dramatic polarization of Pop and Rock on a single record from a band.

I asked Rochelle what it was like recording their debut record. He said that “the experience of recording Push and Pull was special to all of us. We recorded it at cherry pit studios in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin from October 6-9, and 12-16 last fall. We stayed in a hotel locked away from the rest of the world as a band for the first week, and actually slept in the studio the second week. None of us have ever done that with a band. it was a good experience that involved just US. its a huge step for all of us…it took a lot of work and push and pull amongst ourselves to get to where we are now.”

You can download your copy of Push and Pull here

However, I HIGHLY suggest getting to a show and picking up a physical copy…there are a few little musical treats included on the CD that aren’t on the digital version 😉

Let me know what you guys think of this record!

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