Roll Your Windows Down, Turn The Volume Up, and Sing At the Top of Your Lungs!

Download His Acoustic EP, “UNPLUGGED”, for FREE right now!

See what others are saying about David Paige!

DavidPaige-LivePic5-2015“Ladies and gentlemen, THAT was @DavidPaigeMusic! There’s more where that came from…”
– VH1 Music

“Paige goes for big choruses that just beg for lighters — not cell phones — freakin’ lighters”
– PopDose

“David Paige…mixes themes of both Pop and Rock…but brilliantly delivered with a 90’s twist.”
– People That Matter


Surf Rock “simply can’t get enough of this fantastic new talent!” and we think you will feel the same way! If you are a fan of bands like Foo Fighters, Third Eye Blind, or Matchbox Twenty, then David Paige is the new artist you’ve been waiting for.

For a limited time, David is giving away his acoustic record, “UNPLUGGED”. Just enter your name and email address in the form on the right-hand side of this page and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free downloads!

So enter your name and email address now, load these tunes into your music player, then roll those windows down and hit the road! You’ll be singing along on your first listen!