David Paige is a touring rock singer from Chicago with an unapologetic 90s style. With over a decade of performances under his belt, he is one of the hardest working independent artists in the business. Hailed as a truly gifted entertainer, this frontman’s passionate performances and sincere songwriting create a genuine connection with his audience. David was a finalist on VH1’s “Make a Band Famous”, has appeared on national TV, and has toured the United States from LA to New York – headlining venues like House of Blues in Chicago, The Mint in LA, and Bowery Electric in New York.

As a kid, David was inspired by his father’s ear for music and accidentally stumbled into his first songwriting experience. This ignited a passion for music that could not be deterred. He spent everyday throughout high school learning more about music and guitar, writing new songs, or producing music on a laptop. He even quit the football team to join choir, an a capella group, and to focus on his band. He then moved on to attend Columbia College where he studied music performance (on guitar, vocals, and piano), songwriting, recording technology, and music business.

In 2009, David Paige released his debut full-length album, “Not What It Seems”. Almost immediately after releasing this LP, David was recruited as a lead guitarist for another band called “The Clergymen”. David spent two years writing, recording, and touring with this project. It was in this project that David fell in love with the road and began to cut his teeth in the touring music industry. After one tour, the band began to stall – shows became less and less frequent, there were almost no rehearsals and absolutely no new material.

David left that band in 2011 to create another project. When he started putting this together, he decided that he wanted to be able to say yes to more gigs, go on more tours, write and record more music. The best way he knew how to do this was to create a project under his own name. Itching to get back on the road, David Paige set aside some time to get back out there, but as a solo, acoustic artist. With no touring history under this name, and no budget to hire a booking agent, David worked to create his own tour. The week of the tour came, and only two dates were actually confirmed. He decided to get out on the road anyway, and called venues along the way and booked his dates one at a time. Loving the challenge of touring, he has brought what he learned on that run to every tour he goes on.

He eventually brought on drummer Dave Brandwein, and bassist Joe Marcus to help him fill out the sound and started to record some of the new music. In 2013, Paige released “This Is Love” and in 2014 released “Inside Out”. With some new material and a filled out band, David has spend the past 3 years touring regularly – sometimes with the band, and sometimes in a stripped down acoustic style. He also recently released “Unplugged”, which features acoustic versions of songs from “Not What It Seems”, “This Is Love”, “Inside Out”, and even a Clergymen track that Paige wrote.

In January of this year, Paige and his wife welcomed their son into their family. He wanted to be home more often to be with his family and has shifted from relentless touring mode into consistent writing and recording mode. He is currently working on releasing a new single every month through the end of 2017!

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