“The Phone Call” Live From Rax Trax Studio

We had the opportunity to record live with a camera crew at one of my favorite Chicago-based recording studios, Rax Trax! This experience was a BLAST and I’m REALLY happy with how everything turned out!

David Paige – Guitar/Vocals

Dave Brandwein – Drums/Back-up Vocals

Nate Hanak – Guitar/Back-up Vocals

Joe Marcus – Bass/Back-up Vocals

**Special Guest: Brittany Moffitt – Vocals/Tamborine

“The Phone Call” is a song that I co-wrote with my good friend, Brittany Moffitt. She is an absolute POWERHOUSE – both as a writer and as a vocalist! Guitarist Nate Hanak improvised the slide guitar solo in this song…His melodic ideas are gorgeous, and the energy was infectious! You can see how the ideas Nate executed influenced the rest of the band in the session. When we tracked the song for the record, Nate and I decided that this solo was too good to pass by, so this solo inspired the final take we kept on “INSIDE OUT”

The lyrics were inspired by a break-up that Brittany had recently gone through and a chord progression I had been kicking around for a few weeks. We hammered the whole song out in about two hours with Brittany penning the first verse, me taking a stab at the second verse, and a back and forth in the bridge. Brittany came up with most of the melodies and I wrote most of the chords. Check out the live video below!

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Tweet: I just listened to The Phone Call by @davidpaigemusic and @bmof It's awesome! Check it out here http://ctt.ec/Vq5D7+ #davidpaige