What To Expect While We’re Expecting!

That’s right! Becky and I are expecting our first child and we are SUPER excited about it!!

There are a lot of questions that come up right away when we tell people (see FAQs below), but one of the questions I get the most deserves it’s own blog post:

“Are you going to still be doing music?”

Yes. Absolutely. In fact, this is actually inspiring me even more! I want my teach my son to create a life he loves by showing him how to do it!

Now, it will be a little bit before my family and I are ready for me to tackle touring again, but I will still be performing in the midwest regularly, and will still make a concerted effort to make it out to the fans who most want to see us perform! AND we will be utilizing even more live streaming tools to make sure we can still get you guys a fix, even if we can’t make it to your city for a little bit!

– I am still writing and recording new music!
– I’m working on creating a songwriting podcast…Keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked for that one!
– I have plenty of shows on the calendar and am continuing to book more shows (though, I will slow down during December and January to take care of my wife and son!)
– I am still very active on social media and on my blog
The Student Body isn’t slowing down anytime soon
– I’m still teaching private lessons

AND!!! I picked myself up a shiny new 9 to 5 to adjust to our growing family’s growing needs.

All of these factors combined mean that I’m shorter on time than ever, but now that I have less idle time, I am more focused and intentional with my time. More scheduled and structured, and even more productive. I’m still adjusting and getting better, and I’m sure things will change again when our son is born, but I will cross that bridge when we get there.

If you notice that I’ve been slacking, just Tweet at me, message me on Facebook, email me! Nudge me in some way and I’ll get back to work!

In the meantime, if you’ve got any other questions or parental advice or if you just want to say hi to Becky, Ben, and me, please feel free to leave a comment below! I usually respond pretty quickly. Some of your questions may even make it into the

You can watch our son, Ben, grow in these photos here!



Q. When is she due?
A. January 8th – right between my birthday (January 2nd) and Becky’s (January 15th)

Q. Do You Know what are you having?
A. Yes, we are having a boy! Becky and I didn’t really have a preference, but we were glad we are having a son because we didn’t have any girl’s names picked out.

Q. Do you have a name picked out?
A. Yes! Bennett (Ben) Michael Paige – Bennett was my dad’s middle name and is Becky’s mom’s maiden name. Ben was also my maternal grandfather’s name. Michael is one of my middle names, and is Becky’s Dad’s name! The combination is really perfect for our family!

Q. How has mommy been doing?
A. Becky is such a strong and determined woman. She felt ill throughout almost the entire first trimester, and she pushed through everyday! Now, she’s feeling great! As we enter into the third trimester, she’s starting to notice some more discomfort, and Ben keeps on growing.

Q. Are you nervous?
A. Becky and I are both just excited! Sure, there are some things that I know I have no experience with or knowledge about, but I also know that I’m going to be a loving and attentive father! The rest we can learn as we go.

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